On the weekend of June 27th-29th a Patterns Camp was hosted by the National Taekwon-Do Association's Mr. Oscar Perez 6th Dan and held at the Titus Taekwon-Do Institute in Jacksonville, Florida.

The supporting schools that attended this event were Mr. Titus Durojaiye 5th Dan and the Titus Taekwon-Do Institute,  Mr. Allan Dela Cruz 3rd Dan and The Academy of Martial Arts in South Carolina, and Mr. Nicholas Billups 3rd Dan and his students from the YMCA Taekwon-Do Club from Jacksonville, FL.
The camp consisted of learning the history behind each pattern, understanding the diagrams, and working on the fundamental movements. It also allowed students to work on various drills and activities to expand their knowledge. Each camper left this event with a better understanding of "What is a Pattern" and "Why do we perform Patterns".  The main goal was to raise the level of the student and it was evident. Mr. Perez did a phenomenal training camp and students are looking forward to doing another.
On Saturday, May 17th, 2014, the City of the Eternal Spring, Cidra, Puerto Rico, was the meeting point for the 3rd Technical Workshop conducted by Master Ruben Suarez, VIII Dan. This workshop was organized by the Asociación Nacional de Taekwon-Do de Puerto Rico, and had a participation of 100, including 15 international instructors.
The workshop with Master Suarez was described as a total success, since as usual exceeded the expectations from all the participants. We want to congratulate all the participants who joined us in this event.  Then, on Sunday, May 18th, 2014, Master Suarez conducted a special training for black belts Instructors covering technical aspects of black belts patterns. At the end of the training, he presided over a black belt testing for 5th Dan to Mr. Saul Pacheco.
A lot has been said about the loyalty from the student to the Master, but very little has been said about the loyalty from the Master to the student. His knowledge, technical level, and human quality, make him the loyal master, which inspires you, motivates you and teaches you without any reservations.
We want to thank Master Suarez for his commitment in helping with the development of Taekwon-Do in Puerto Rico. We are very honored to have him so close and we want to thank him for the invaluable commitment to Taekwon-Do in Puerto Rico.

L. Gato-Gato, President
Asociación Nacional de Taekwon-Do de Puerto Rico
During the weekend of May 3rd to 4th, the NTA-ITF conducted a two day Business and Technical Seminar at Advantage Taekwon-Do in Lititz, Pennsylvania.

On Saturday, a business seminar was conducted, with participation of 19 school instructors and owners. The first part of the seminar was conducted by Mr. Orlando Millan, IV Dan, from Gainesville, Florida, who presented a seminar for Martial Arts Business Development. Mr. Millan shared many practices for increasing your enrollment and billing, and ways to maximize your resources to meet your goals. For the second part of the seminar, Mr. Edward Davila, IV Dan, from Tampa, Florida, presented a seminar covering business areas for start-ups business, legal structures, managing your workforce, taking advantage of technology, and creating an effective successions plan.  Also, Mr. Davila presented about Social Media topics, including how to create an effective social media strategy, how to build your social community, selecting the social network that best meet your needs, your social media dashboard and social media etiquette.

On Sunday, the NTA-ITF held a Technical Seminar, with participation of 20 black belts and red belts. Master Ruben Suarez, VIII Dan, conducted a 4 hour training covering areas from physical conditioning, fundamental movements, step-sparring, foot techniques, and patterns. It was a great opportunity to meet, share, and train.
The response from the participants to the business and technical seminar was excellent. It was evident that there is a need among instructors about the financial aspects of their business, and the NTA-ITF will continue supporting and promoting this type of event in the USA.

On March 1st of 2014, the Lititz Taekwon-Do Tournament was conducted with the participation of 150 competitors from the East Coast. 
Thank you to the following schools for your support:
Advantage Taekwon-Do
Hwa-Rang Warriors Taekwon-Do
Hwa-Rang Warriors Taekwon-Do
K-MAG International
Legacy Taekwon-Do School
The Legacy Taekwon-Do School
Lopez Martial Arts School
Mike Louie Taekwon-Do Center
Paganini Martial Arts
Queens Taekwon-Do Center
Red Tiger TKD
Team USA Taekwondo Fitness
Unified Taekwon-Do
The tournament showed an awesome display of Team Work from the parents of the school.  It made the tournament run smooth and quick.  Thank you to all the referees  that helped at the tournament, without you, the tournament would not have been possible.  I wanted to acknowledge the most supportive school, Queens Taekwon-Do Center took the trophy with 32 students participating.  Again, a heartfelt thank you to everyone.  Without each and every one of you, this tournament would not be possible.  Thank you for your continued support.
El pasado 8 de febrero de 2014 se dictó un Seminario para cinturones negros bajo el auspicio de la NTA-ITF.  El seminario estuvo a cargo de Master Rubén Suarez VIII Dan, presidente de la NTA-ITF y miembro del comité de umpires de la ITF. El anfitrión lo fue el Sr. Orlando Milian IV dan, y dueño del dojang Okito America en Gainesville, Florida. 
El seminario comenzó a las 10:00am, donde se cubrió movimientos fundamentales de las formas por grado, combate a 3,2,1 pasos, combate pre-arreglado y model sparring.  Los afortunados de recibir los conocimientos del Maestro fueron 12 participantes de la parte este y sur de los Estados Unidos,   asegurándose de estandarizar la técnica de acuerdo con lo establecido por el comité técnico de la ITF.  Las formas se cubrio desde Chon-Ji hasta Ge-Baek.  El Maestro se dedicó a que  cada uno de los participantes, quienes entendieran cada detalle de las tecnicas.
El ambiente fue bien ameno, y el deseo de conocer más fue evidente con la cantidad de preguntas que se le hizo a Master Suarez.  El Maestro Suarez al finalizar el seminario se mostró muy contento con el interés y el esfuerzo que cada participante  en el seminario y cuan rápido se trató de poner en práctica los detalles corregidos.
El seminario concluyo a las 8:00 pm.  Luego al otro dia se condujo una examinación para Vdan . La mesa examinadora estuvo presidida por Master Suarez VIII.  Otras personas en la mesa de examinación lo fue Master Kerner VII (ATFI), Sr. Oscar Perez VI (NTA-ITF), Sr. Enrique Franceschi VI Dan (NTA-ITF),  y el Sr. Edward Davila IV Dan, tesorero de la NTA-ITF.
Los candidatos fueron el Sr. Titus Durojaiye, IV Dan y Anibal Ortiz, IV Dan.  El examen duro 5 horas, consto de un escrito teórico, incluyendo el someter 2 ensayos, movimientos fundamentales, 21 formas desde Chon-ji hasta Moon-Moo, técnicas de pateo desde singular hasta quadruples, incluyendo movimientos aéreos, combate de 3, 2, 1 pasos combates pre-arreglados, y model sparring.  Además  combate contra 3 oponentes, y defensa personal frente a 3 oponentes, rompimientos de manos, pies y técnicas suspendidas.  Para concluir acondicionamiento físico.  Al final del examen  Master Suarez se mostró satisfecho con el esfuerzo de los candidatos, además de dar  su consejo acerca de detalles para mejorar como practicantes, y confirió el grado de V Dan a los exponentes.

2014 First Instructors Class

On January 25, 2014, Master Ruben Suarez hosted the first training of the year for 4th Dan and above, along with the participation of 13 International Instructors from the North-East Coast in the USA.  The Instructors practiced all of the Black Belt Patterns and reviewed the ITF Umpire Rules with the participants. This was a great way to keep all the Instructors up to date on the patterns and to ensure that we have good and efficient umpires in our tournaments.

The following were present during the class: Master Carlos Ramirez VII Dan, Gustavo Naranjo and Albin Bernard; VI Dan; Gloria Rodriguez, Luis Mejia, Juan C. Garcia and Nelson Martinez V Dan; Rupert Shrouder, Martha Hernandez, Claudia Suarez, Edward Lopez and Jose Iglesias, IV Dan.

Sparring Seminar with Julio Carlos

On January 26, 2014, Original Taekwon-Do Federation and Master Vincent Affatigato hosted a great sparring seminar with Master Suarez and his student, Julio Carlos, who is a world champion several times now.  Master Suarez and Mr. Carlos showed all the attendees the importance of the basics of sparring and how you have to train all the steps required to be able to finally apply them effectively in the ring.  At the end, Mr. Julio Carlos and his brother, Emanuel Carlos trained one-on-one with all the participants of the seminar to show and to put into practice all the drills we learned. We had the attendance of 45 participants from the North-East Coast and the seminar was organized by Original Taekwon-Do Fitness Center in Brooklyn, NY, USA.


The 2013 in review...

The year 2013 was an exciting and challenging year for the NTA-ITF. Our main goal for 2013 was to promote ITF Taekwon-Do in the USA and to offer our members the highest quality of service and representation at the national and international level. To achieve these goals we planned several international events supported by the ITF. We consider necessary, to bring an opportunity to our members and the ITF Taekwon-Do community in the USA, to join in these events and continue our quest for knowledge and growth through this art.

We share with you our stories during 2013 with the below images and news links.

I want to thank everyone who contributed to this successful year for the NTA-ITF, and I would like to wish everybody a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2014.

Master Ruben Suarez, VIII Dan
President, NTA-ITF

International Umpire Course
International Instructors Course
2013 Team USA Nationals
2013 NY ITF Taekwon-Do Tournament
2013 ITF World Championship Benidorm
2013 ITF Taekwon-Do Kids & Children Development Course
To the NTA-ITF,

I would like to announce that the  Academy of Martial Arts in South Carolina has promoted 10 black belts.  This could not have been done without the overwhelming assistance of Master Suarez, Sabon Oscar Perez and the NTA-ITF and its members. 
The support everyone has given from this organization has been tremendous and since  joining the organization our technical level has greatly improved and we look forward into becoming even better. Again, I would like to express my sincerest gratitude for all the support that Master Suarez, Sabon Oscar Perez and the NTA-ITF for all the support that has been given and continue to give. They represent the excellent values of our martial art we call TaeKwon-Do.


Allan dela Cruz, 3rd Dan
Academy of Martial Arts
On Saturday, November 16th, 2013, the NTA-ITF and Master Ruben Suarez hosted, for the first time in the USA, the official ITF Kids Development Course in Queens, New York. With participation of 32 black belt instructors from Canada, Jamaica, Dominican Republic and USA, Master Donato Nardizzi shared his deep knowledge in this subject of children’s education and the ITF Kids Program.
The feedback from all the participants was very positive and all of them look forward to implementing the official ITF Kids program in their respective schools.
The ITF Taekwon-Do World Championships (Seniors and Juniors) were held in Benidorm, Spain, from the 23rd to the 27th of October 2013. 1042 black belt competitors from 58 countries, competed for the title of "World Champion" in the categories for individuals pattern, sparring, special technique and power breaking, as well as team competitions.

After an intensive four days of competitions, the Team USA earned 12 medals at the ITF World Championships. First, congratulations to the USA Junior Traditional Sparring Team for winning the only Gold Medal for the United States - Adrian Santana and Brandon Yan; and to Marc-Dimitri Akda who was the only USA athlete to medal in both individual pattern and sparring.

We are all very proud of the accomplishments of the 54 members of Team USA. Many thanks to Master Affatigato (OTFA), Master Nunez (ATFI), GM Van Binh (ITF-USA), Master Ruben Suarez (NTA-ITF) and the ITF Technical Committee, GM Bos, GM Marano & GM Lan, for their excellent teaching and helping in standardizing our techniques in the USA.

Our medal winners are:
Akda, Marc
Silver Medal - Individual Male Pattern, 2 Dan, Junior
Bronze Medal - Individual Male Sparring, to 56kg, Junior
Carlos, Julio
Silver Medal - Individual Male Sparring, to 63kg, Senior
Eng, Bryan
Silver Medal - Individual Male Pattern, 3 Dan, Junior
Camacho, Linda
Bronze Medal - Individual Female Pattern, 2 Dan, Junior
Hanusey, Allison
Bronze Medal - Individual Female Sparring, to 75kg, Senior
Le, Vivian
Bronze Medal - Individual Female Pattern, 3 Dan, Senior
Raybourn, Jamie
Bronze Medal - Individual Female Sparring, over 65kg, Junior
Santana, Adrian
Gold Medal - Traditional Team Sparring - Junior
Bronze Medal - Individual Male Pattern, 2 Dan, Junior
Yan, Brandon
Gold Medal - Traditional Team Sparring - Junior
Bronze Medal - Individual Male Pattern, 3 Dan, Junior